Scientific publications

The MANUELA project is founded on the cooperation between R&D centres, educational institutions and industrial stakeholders across Europe. This cooperation has led to many scientific advancements that have been shared through publication in scientific journals around the world. Information on the Scientific papers can be found below.

Digital Twin-enabled Collaborative Data Management for Metal Additive Manufacturing Systems
Chao Liu*, Léopold Le Roux, Carolin Körner, Olivier Tabaste, Franck Lacan, Samuel Bigot
Linking In Situ Melt Pool Monitoring to Melt Pool Size Distributions and Internal Flaws in Laser Powder Bed Fusion
Claudia Schwerz*, Lars Nyborg
A neural network for identification and classification of systematic internal flaws in laser powder bed fusion
Claudia Schwerz*, Lars Nyborg
In-situ detection of redeposited spatter and its influence on the formation of internal flaws in laser powder bed fusion
Claudia Schwerz, Ahmad Raza, Xiangyu Lei, Lars Nyborg, Eduard Hryha, Håkan Wirdelius