Events Attended

Conferences, exhibitions and events, where MANUELA project has been presented:.

Presented by Dr. Václav Smítka (AMIRES)

Conference Industry 4.0 in Practice took place at Innovation and Business Centre Mektory, Tallinn, Estonia, on May 29, 2019.

Already for fifth year the leading organisations such as TalTech, Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (ITL), Estonian Electronics Industries Association, Enterprise Estonia (EAS) and numerous flagship technology companies joined forces to promote the opportunities emerging from Industry 4.0 framework. The event had a strong track record of bringing together and benefitting manufacturers, ICT vendors, academia and policy makers.

MANUELA project has been represented at the event by Dissemination manager Dr. Václav Smítka (AMIRES) who was among invited speakers in a Panel Discussion: How Can We Support Industrial Innovation?.

More information on the event including the gallery can be found here.

Delivering on the Promise of Additive Manufacturing: MANUELA PILOT LINE
Presented by prof. Lars Nyborg (CHALMERS) and Karl Lundahl (CIT)

Advanced Engineering 2019 event was organized on 27th – 28th March, 2019 at Åbymässan in Göteborg.

Advanced Engineering is an innovative meeting place where high-end technology is annually showcased, that meet the demands of tomorrow’s industry. With a yet sharper focus on the needs of the manufacturing industry, Advanced Engineering 2019 introduced four new focal areas:

  • Automotive Engineering;
  • Additive Manufacturing;
  • Advanced Materials
  • Smart Factory.

MANUELA project was presented by project coordinator prof. Lars Nyborg (Chalmers University of Technology) and Mr. Karl Lundahl (Chalmers Industriteknik) during the Seminars session that was held on 28th March, 2019.  Presentation is available here.

To find out more about the event, please follow this link.

Presented at the booth of AMIRES

Industrial Technologies 2018 conference took place in Vienna, Austria on 30 – 31 October, 2018.

INDTECH is the European Commission’s most prominent biannual conference on industrial technologies and this edition gathered more than 1000 key stakeholders from more than 30 countries in Europe and across the globe.

MANUELA presentation was part of the AMIRES booth at the exhibition, which was a side-event of the INDTECH 2018 conference. Visitors had the opportunity to check the roll-up and other dissemination materials of the project as well as to speak with Václav Smítka (AMIRES) – dissemination manager of MANUELA project.

AM Activities at Chalmers University
Presented by prof. Lars Nyborg (CHALMERS)

Additive Manufacturing & Lightweight Technologies 2018 conference took place in Dübendorf, Switzerland on 25 September, 2018.

Event is organized annually by an exclusive Swiss-Swedish industrial R&D partnering program with focus on Additive Manufacturing & Lightweight Technologies. SWII 2018 was organised in cooperation with leading advanced AM & Lightweight clusters and gathers best in class within the Swiss and Swedish AM & Lightweight-scene.

MANUELA project was presented during the session dedicated to Academia/research institute presentations. MANUELA was presented as a part of the presentation dedicated to activities of Chalmers University in the field of Additive Manufacturing. Presentation was held by prof. Lars Nyborg (CHALMERS). Presentation is available here.

To find out more about the event, please follow this link.